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Here’s your monthly update, courtesy of those most involved in the projects:

Vox iPad app – Designing Vox for the iPad with ideas and techniques to share with the magazine industry. – Kristin Kellogg

September report: We presented mockups (in pdf form) of the Vox app to members of the magazine faculty to get their feedback. They signed off on the idea of launching in stages (having a basic version of the app with department content) then adding more features later on. Also agreed that we would make the app using real text, instead of having every page be an entire image (doing the whole thing as an image makes the file size huge — we felt this would be impractical for a weekly). Overall, everyone seemed OK with the look of the app. I’m basing this off the style guide of the print edition, with some modifications. The plan is to navigate the app by swiping (to go between pages) or clicking on a section icon at the bottom of the screen. Each department will have a landing page, functioning as a mini-TOC listing the stories contained in this section (so you don’t have to swipe through — you can click directly on the link from here). The navigation icons also function to let you know where you are within the app — it indicates which section you’re in and goes in order of the pages in the app.

Also worked with Noah to make sure we’re on the same page about what’s possible for the app, from a programming perspective. We should be able to pull in Twitter feeds and allow commenting between the app and the site, which is exciting news.

October plans: I’m revising the design of the app. We’ve agreed that we want the layout to change depending on if it’s in portrait or landscape view. I’m working on creating templates that can accommodate this. The tricky part is keeping about the same amount of text on the screen in either orientation (although it’s probably unlikely that users will be flipping the iPad back and forth within stories, I think it’s still a good goal to have). I need to look into different font combinations. For example, in the current mockup, I’m using the print magazine’s body copy font. This may not be the best choice for screen reading, so will need to look into other options. The body copy is my primary concern — the fonts for the display type seem to have translated pretty well to screen.

Launch date: Week of Nov. 15

CMYK (The CoMo You Know) — The Columbia Missourian’s community encyclopedia — Laura Johnston

September update: Most of the month was spent trying to determine what software would be best suited for publication. Nothing was settled yet and that issue remains a hurdle to getting this launched.

Chris Carmody and I have divided the editing work so that most of the entries will be verified and vetted in time for (more…)

Last month I described several of the projects under way. Here’s the first monthly update, as described by the people leading the effort. (They’ll be submitting updates every month, and I’ll pass them along.)

Missourian Mobile — content development and distribution – Katherine Reed

August report: Talked to application developers about creating apps for Missourian news, and specifically Tiger sports as a way to brand Missourian mobile news. I’m also developing a simple survey of mobile use among students, specifically the students in 4450/7450, as a “sketch” of mobile use among a potentially lucrative target group (for advertising and coupons). 7450 students may have a role in doing research on mobile reporting as it’s now practiced in newsrooms.

September: More research on Mizzou sports apps, business models for Missourian mobile news content and testing free software available to many of our students for doing mobile reporting.

Launch date: December, if we chose a vendor by mid-September, on app; Oct. 1 for mobile site.


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This spring, Clyde Bentley made clear the urgency for newspapers to jump on the mobile bus before they get run over by it.

So how does the Missourian move into that space? How does it get into the business of mobile news and advertising content? What do we deliver? And how can we use mobile devices better in our information gathering?

Clyde, of course, will continue his research in and advocacy for mobile from the academic side of the aisle. He’ll teach, for instance, a topics course in spring centered around the movement.

Dan Potter is brainstorming with his staff about the potential for new revenue streams, including from mobile.

What about the newsroom?

At the May retreat, we talked about the need to have some “champions” for things like mobile and social media.

Good news: Katherine Reed has agreed to serve as mobile editor for the coming year.

She’ll have her regular teaching and assigning editor duties. But she’ll also help us figure out where we need to go and what we need to do it. We don’t lack for possibilities; we just need to make a guess as to best places to start.

I hope you’ll offer your ideas, whether here or to Katherine directly. We’ll most likely talk more about mobile at the fall retreat.

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