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Here’s what WikiFactCheck says it is:

This WikiFactCheck wiki is for brainstorming and prototyping how a WikiFactCheck project could provide rapid, crowd-sourced fact checking of news events, such as:

  • US Sunday morning talk shows such as Meet The Press, This Week and Face the Nation (a target of noted critics such as Jay Rosen [1])
  • Political speeches and debates
  • Corporate press conferences
  • Election campaign advertisements

It’s not the same thing as the green eyeshades project. But both carry the same central premise: that there have to be ways to harness the power of the crowd.

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Transitions are rarely so clean as to have a discrete beginning, middle or end. Some of the projects within our transition, though, can have more finite targets.

Below you’ll see descriptions of some of those projects, followed by “launch date.” I expect some of these launches to change, or more interim goals added. But we all need a deadline, so I’ve attached them.

You’ll also see a name. Consider the person attached to the project as the primary coordinator. Plenty of other people will be involved. The coordinator will be at the point, and the one I’ll look to for monthly updates.

Here they are. Others will be added in coming days.