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Transitions are rarely so clean as to have a discrete beginning, middle or end. Some of the projects within our transition, though, can have more finite targets.

Below you’ll see descriptions of some of those projects, followed by “launch date.” I expect some of these launches to change, or more interim goals added. But we all need a deadline, so I’ve attached them.

You’ll also see a name. Consider the person attached to the project as the primary coordinator. Plenty of other people will be involved. The coordinator will be at the point, and the one I’ll look to for monthly updates.

Here they are. Others will be added in coming days.


That’s my question: Where do we begin?

Our marching orders are clear: Transform our production teams to create relentless focus on our digital products. Figure out how to manage the print production cycle to minimize its influence over our internal cycles. Create a best-in-class community journalism website.

I have some ideas, but I’m hoping to hear from you all first. Here’s my first question: What’s Step 1?