Our nightly Olympic Highlights aggregation feature has been very popular with readers at ColumbiaMissourian.com, so I want to share some Google Analytics traffic data. Here are page views so far, excluding readers from the Missourian newsroom:

July 29: 2,829 (the most popular story on the site since the Olympics began)

July 28: 1,832

July 31: 1,034

July 30: 830

Aug. 2: 475

Aug. 1: 365

Aug. 4: 271

Aug. 3: 213

This nightly feature has been produced by editors on the Missourian’s interactive copy editing (or ICE) desk.

The average time on site for these stories has been very good, ranging from 1:14 to 3:11. The time on site is affected by the number of photos in the gallery and the number of AP Olympics videos. Readers are apparently looking at the videos, even though they aren’t as compelling as I had hoped due to a lack of footage from the competitions. (Instead, AP is using still photos.)

At ColumbiaMissourian.com, we’ve had more than 20,000 page views of stories with “Olympic” in the URL or headline since July 22.

By the way, our AP Summer Games site has had 1,170 page views since we launched it July 22, according to Google Analytics. Although that isn’t a huge number, the site has had a relatively good 1:13 average time per page. The largest source of traffic by far is direct referrals from ColumbiaMissourian.com. The site has also been useful for ICE desk production because we don’t have to post every story that we use as a link in our Olympic Highlights aggregation.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with Olympics coverage on our website.