This panel included David Brindley of National Geographic, James O’Byrne of The Times-Picayune in New Orleans and Robin Tribble of Popular Mechanics. They’re all deep into iPad apps for their publications. What we’re seeing on screen is spectacular, and the panelists are very clear that this is a new kind of editing. Imagine “moving pages,” and what that might mean for how copy has to flow onto these pages, and you can start to understand how complex this can be for editors.

I haven’t really bought into the tablet hype so far, but I might be changing my mind. Clearly if a fraction of new tablet owners start buying these publications’ apps — and they seem very compelling — there’s going to be new work for editors here. This might be quickly becoming essential experience for editing students, particularly in magazines. It’s good that we are on the cusp of getting into this with the iPad app for Vox.