Are we entitled to information? Katy Bergen says so. The following is from the advanced reporting blog, and I wanted to share it here:

I, Katy Bergen, as a member of Generation Y, Generation Millenial, Generation Next (Call it what you will) have grown up with the idea that I am entitled to information. This entitlement began at birth and will cease when I die. It exists because I exist and because I exist in America.

This is the generation that has taken “public information” to a whole new level, blurred the lines between the personal and the public and changed communication (and is pegged to continue to change it). Our list of entitlement can get rather long, but after all we’ve created a world where we are:

  • entitled to your relationship status, your political views, photo montages of your life.
  • entitled to see what our History of Jackson classmate is tweeting. Or Anderson Cooper. Or Taylor Swift.
  • entitled to go to a library and not be denied any form of information that we wish to possess.
  • entitled to create our own website or blog, to share information we deem important.
  • entitled to the free flow of information, formerly known as journalism. It is free because it is important, because, ideally, it is the truth and because information is power that long ago our country decided everyone should embody. Journalism doesn’t single out people who are avidly interested in the news or the people that can afford its price. It doesn’t shut out the half-interested, the infrequent visitor, the fair-weather fan. It doesn’t shut out my swim club teammate who would never pay $96 to read the newspaper. Or the household that would, but can’t afford it anyway.

I don’t see a world where people pay to read their news on a computer. I don’t think my generation would stand for that.