Our story about the Columbia Daily Tribune’s plan to erect a paywall has about 2,200 page views as of this writing. Under the story, we’ve got several dozen comments from people expressing their intention to bring their conversation to the Missourian’s website, since the Trib’s comment boards will now be open only to paid subscribers.

Jake Sherlock piped into the conversation with this:


There’s nothing more exciting for me than to see so many new names contributing to the conversation here. A big welcome to everyone who said they’re coming here from the Trib. We hope you’ll enjoy the community here as much as you did at the Trib.

We do ask that you comment under your real name when you post here. We will occasionally email readers to verify that they are posting under their real names. We do this because we believe in openness and transparency. If you’re not comfortable saying something publicly, drop us an email at editor@ColumbiaMissourian.com and let us know about your news tips, opinions and other matters that way. We won’t publish the contents of those emails in any way, shape or form under your name without your permission.

We look forward to reading your comments and contributing to the conversation.

Jake Sherlock
Opinion editor

Interactive copy editors and news editors, take Jake’s cue. Two important things happened there. One, we welcomed our new commenters with open arms. Two, we made clear our policy for using real names. We’ll probably have to be hypervigilant for a few weeks as folks used to commenting pseudonymously at the Trib migrate over to try us out. We want to encourage the new blood and fresh perspectives. But we also want to maintain the standards that we think help to elevate the conversation, even if it has the side effect of limiting it. Those of you helping us monitor the comments should consider this a call to arms to do both of those things, in as welcoming and personable a way as you can muster.