One bit of evidence I’m marshaling to prove we’re making some progress with this transition is what has happened on Fridays.

First, a confession: I screwed up Fridays. We went into this transition with the idea that we’d radically transform the production organization, focusing totally on the needs of the website and leaving every print concern to the print team. Except that’s not what I did when I scheduled the Interactive Copy Desk on Fridays. Because we don’t have a Saturday morning print edition anymore, we haven’t been scheduling Friday-night copy editors. When I came up with the schedule for the new Interactive Copy Desk, I scheduled Friday as we usually have — minimal staff all day, no real staff at night.

So (and I’m sure you see where this is going) we were caught flat-footed when we realized that, post-transition, Friday is just another weekday, and maybe a busier one than most. We’ve got roughly the same number of reporters working and a daily GA editor driving them. We’ve got at least the same amount of work flowing to the desk at the end of the day — probably more, given a tendency for some longer-range work to arrive at week’s end and for things to queue up in advance of the thinly staffed weekend.

It’s a happy problem. For now, we doing what we can, moving some resources to Friday and benefiting greatly from the double-time efforts of Michelle Hagopian, our late TA on Fridays, and pitching-in from Grant Hodder and the sports desk, who have always had work to do on Friday nights, with prep sports happening late. And we’re trying to sometimes draw a line on Friday evenings, at about 7, beyond which we defer any work we can to the Saturday desk, which is staffed pretty well.

What other evidence have you seen? Is there evidence to the contrary?