Hi, all. A quick update on the moving schedule for the newsroom:

1. This morning, Robyn and I moved the graphics computers out of the graphics lab, and the multimedia computers into the multimedia (nee graphics) lab. There’s one more multimedia computer coming back from TigerTech. We also moved the assorted equipment we found in the graphics pod back there (hard drives, etc)

2. Moving the sandwich counter/convergence space is going to take a bit longer than I originally thought, because of the Modbook and assorted equipment attached to that. Derrick Fogle from ASC is coming over later this afternoon to go over what that entails.

3. We’re going to move print computers into the print area starting early Thursday. Should be done in a couple hours.

4. I also put in a request to Telecom for the cabling we need to be able to run the print pod of computers. Until then, we’ll need to run cable across the floor.

5. Once the sandwich counter is moved (Thursday) we can start creating “The Hub.”

6. More TK