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This spring, Clyde Bentley made clear the urgency for newspapers to jump on the mobile bus before they get run over by it.

So how does the Missourian move into that space? How does it get into the business of mobile news and advertising content? What do we deliver? And how can we use mobile devices better in our information gathering?

Clyde, of course, will continue his research in and advocacy for mobile from the academic side of the aisle. He’ll teach, for instance, a topics course in spring centered around the movement.

Dan Potter is brainstorming with his staff about the potential for new revenue streams, including from mobile.

What about the newsroom?

At the May retreat, we talked about the need to have some “champions” for things like mobile and social media.

Good news: Katherine Reed has agreed to serve as mobile editor for the coming year.

She’ll have her regular teaching and assigning editor duties. But she’ll also help us figure out where we need to go and what we need to do it. We don’t lack for possibilities; we just need to make a guess as to best places to start.

I hope you’ll offer your ideas, whether here or to Katherine directly. We’ll most likely talk more about mobile at the fall retreat.

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