We’re earnestly trying to give shape to our experiment for the coming semester. Jake Sherlock is the instructor for Journalism 4500, News Design, and is making plans to be the designated print editor for fall. We’re working on figuring out how big a team he’ll need to augment the students enrolled in 4500 — TAs, copy editors, etc.

We’re also considering what location in the room we’ll give this print team, taking into account the idea that we want to try isolating this team from the main web production group. Jake has proposed that the print team take over the “photo bubble,” the room the photo editors and photographers use now in the middle of the larger newsroom. It’s a central location — which could facilitate the print team’s mandate to “work the room” and figure out who’s got what that they can work with — but given the walls and doors, it can also be isolated. There wouldn’t be a natural tendency for this team to blend into our web production staff.

A possible side benefit would be moving photo staff into the newsroom proper, where perhaps we could increase their interaction with web production staff, reporters and editors.

How does this strike folks?